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The Papillon Source Mediterranea


The global project of the "Papillon Source Mediterranea" consists in setting up positive initiatives and efficient and innovative processes within the framework of the design of a Franco-Moroccan consortium of Interconnected Multifunctional Educational Cities (20 Self-managed Food Bank Cities in Morocco, from the North to the Great South and 1 Multidisciplinary Pilot/Research Center in France).

+ Transnational Events of Intellectual Cooperation and Artistic Groups, all linked to an innovative Super Information System composed of multiple operational software.

In favor of the export and promotion of a new Mediterranean philosophical culture whose two initiating countries AND ambassadors are Morocco and France.

Target for initiation in France and Morocco:

Gather (2 countries simultaneously: France and Morocco) the skills, talents, means and good will to design, build, manage and develop a transnational consortium composed of Experimental Cities, eco-landscapes, agro-climatic, tourist and educational, then an Educational Tourism Complex and multidisciplinary research center related to the social and solidarity economy, with the aim of promoting a new Mediterranean philosophical culture, initiate and maintain dynamics of progress and then pacify the Mediterranean area through the societal and intellectual components of development.

Action plan:

  • Promote a new model of ethical development whose indicators of success will be the societal progress of nations, intellectual progress and the degree of transversal cooperation of Mediterranean peoples (initiated by a Franco-Moroccan societal cooperation).
  • Transform the Mediterranean area as the prototype of the world's societal, intellectual and artistic "markets".
  • Make the Mediterranean area the focus of a new period of "RENAISSANCE" whose dynamics of open-mindedness and sharing of knowledge and resources, followed by massive co-creation, will be exported at very high speed (we’re grateful to EL4DEV program) to the whole planet.

The 21 multifunctional cities planned at the beginning and members of the societal consortium "The Papillon Source Mediterranea" are the tools of a massive process of education through individual and collective experimentation. Their role is to initiate a new movement of thought that will lead to a generalized movement of collective engineering and a major societal transformation throughout the Mediterranean area.

These 21 cities labelled "The Papillon Source Mediterranea", like all EL4DEV development projects, aim at creating territorial dynamics of progress and are systematically based on the six strategic pillars of the EL4DEV programm philosophy:

  • Real innovation
  • High added value and durability
  • Empowerment of individuals
  • Benefits for the regions and countries concerned
  • Massive and participatory alternative education as the ultimate goal
  • Transparency and real-time performance measurement.

The EL4DEV program uses these creative, introspective and ecological cities as tools to massively educate the actors of the territories where they are implanted and far beyond thanks to transnational synergies (initiated by transnational events).

In the end, these cities will be used as "franchises" since their models can easily be adapted to other territories in the Mediterranean area, especially if they have similar characteristics/needs (ecological and societal).

The aim is to design and build a consortium of interconnected cities operating as a unified group. The whole forms a global project: "The Papillon Source Mediterranea".

"France" component of the project

France is the lead country for the "Papillon Source" and the entire "EL4DEV" social engineering program.

It’s including:

  • A Vast Cultural Center for Research and Development, Multidisciplinary Engineering and International Exhibitions (including a tourist activity).
  • A vast video recording studio broadcasting the educational program of an alternative, positive, multilingual, international and French-invested web TV.
  • An incubator generating major societal projects bringing together talents from around the world

This project will be developed step by step thanks to the participative support of many French municipalities which will share the commercial benefits (tourist activities) as well as the benefits in kind (agricultural production for societal purposes) of the complexes in France.

"Marocco" component of the project

Morocco is a "key" nation in this new Mediterranean philosophical culture. An important number of cities are planned throughout the territory:

  • A consortium of 20 eco-landscaped, agro-climatic, multifunctional, advanced and interconnected cities.
  • 1 pilot/mother city + 19 satellite cities/complexes, spread over the whole of Morocco - from the North to the South.
  • 1 pilot city/mother agro-climatic city for tourism near the new city "Tamansourt" Marrakech for a budget of 70 million Euros.
  • 14 non-tourist agro-climatic satellite cities/complexes close to other new Moroccan cities for a total budget of 100 Million Euros.
  • 5 satellite cities/non-tourist agro-climatic complexes in the Moroccan Sahara for a budget of 35 million Euros-With the aim of provoking a progressive displacement of populations in the North-South direction
  • A very ambitious project in the general interest with a total budget of 205 million Euros.

The role of the Kingdom of Morocco is also key since this highly strategic and unifying project represents a powerful diplomatic tool beneficial to Moroccan national cohesion and Mediterranean transnational cooperation and therefore, subsequently, that of the Arab-Berber-Muslim world and Africa.

What we are expecting from H.M. King Mohammed VI

A multiple support for the concretization of this innovative and highly hopeful initiative (the 20 cities of the consortium) for a whole Mediterranean region exposed to political ruptures, idealistic speculations and social divisions.

In this noble quest, it is necessary to unite the action of the peoples with that of their heads of state. As part of the initiation of this transformative diplomatic process, we are looking for a "Head of State" partner with a strong concern for the common destiny of all the peoples of the Mediterranean. His Majesty King Mohammed VI is the chosen person.

Our promises

We promise a new, unified French nation and a Kingdom of Morocco, both of which are actors of positive change and recognized models of societal and intellectual development as well as models of decentralized cooperation with a societal and non-economic vocation.

The progressive construction of a large trans-Mediterranean, European and African social and solidarity economy area through the initiation of social and educational cohesion that could lead to bilateral and asymmetrical association agreements. The aim being to go beyond the cultural component that weighs on the degree of trust and cooperation between citizens of the countries of the North, South, East and West.

The conduction to a transformation that can inspire any country with similar or partially similar environmental and societal issues. The project will also play a very important role in a "social and solidarity future", "sustainable" and "intellectual" in the whole Arab-Berber-Persian-Muslim world (Greater Middle East), Europe and Africa.

France will play the role of initiator, "brain" and guarantor of the values and success of this transnational dynamic.

Morocco, for its part, will play the role of vitrine and example to follow.

This project represents a concrete application solution to the societal, ecological and climatic problems of the entire Mediterranean area, Africa and Europe.

The EL4DEV program ensures the availability for all countries of a powerful tool for national cohesion and "societal" diplomacy.

Sources of funding

They will be essentially public (co-financing of several communes of various sizes grouping together in Intercommunal Syndicates or Economic Interest Groups to mutualize the investment) and share the resulting benefits.

The project will also be supported through online participatory financing.

Our guarantees

Our solutions and processes are unique in the world and highly efficient. The French city (center of piloting and multidisciplinary research) and the 20 Moroccan cities (cities self-managed food banks or agro-climatic) use the same solutions and processes concerning:

  • The production of 100% green energy (only "new" energies, not "alternative" ones
  • Massive production of 100% environmentally friendly fresh water (no desalination of sea water or pumping of groundwater/aquifers)
  • 100% environmentally friendly wastewater treatment (no connection to traditional sewage systems and septic tanks)
  • 100% ecological food production (only innovative processes using waves, magnetism, energy, etc. ensuring unequalled yields, without any phytosanitary treatment or fertilizers).
  • Fantasy and 100% ecological architecture
  • Landscaping
  • Education through experience
  • Etc.

Our strength

  • Ability to produce water on a large scale
  • Ability to create a tropical forest in any arid environment in less than 3 years
  • Ability to locally transform the climate
  • Ability to build very impressive tourist complexes in 2 years
  • Ability to create intercontinental connections and viral dynamics of progress
  • Capacity to stimulate the development of nations
  • Ability to unite people and their leaders around a common societal and ecological goal
  • Our Creativity
  • Our determination

The budget needed for the Franco-Moroccan start-up

Total sum to be raised progressively to support the launching of a new social and solidarity-based Mediterranean area:

  • 20 Agro-climatic Cities of Morocco (1 tourist complex + 19 non-tourist complexes): 205 Million Euros
  • Cultural Center for Research and Development, Multidisciplinary Engineering and International Exhibitions in France (this center will include agro-climatic annexes in various communes of France + a tourist activity): 205 Million Euros

Total budget: 410 Million Euros

Food independence for the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East - Massive greening of arid lands and neglected areas

We are all realizing that without immediate assistance, nature extension, in the medium or long term, is inevitable. A legitimate question that naturally arises: is nature disturbing?

It is obvious that we are beginning to come up against the ecological limits of economic activity.

A liberal economic system, whose objective is the short-term profit-seeking of special interests, cannot take into account long-term costs such as environmental degradation.

Is this deliberately provoked by private multinational organizations, which are well aware of the processes they generate and their highly harmful impacts?

To answer this question, we need to consider the following:

  • The disappearance of nature and the increase in pollution will make individuals even more dependent on the economic system for their survival, and will make it possible to generate new profits (including increased consumption of medicines and medical services, etc.).
  • Nature constitutes a reference of another order, that of the universe. Contemplation of the beauty and perfection of this order is subversive: it leads the individual to reject the ugliness of urbanized environments, and to doubt the social order that must remain the only reference.
  • The urbanization of the environment places people in a totally controlled, monitored space, where the individual is totally immersed in a projection of the social order.
  • The contemplation of nature encourages dreaming and intensifies the inner life of individuals, developing their own sensitivity, and thus their free will. They cease to be fascinated by commodities, they turn away from the television programs that numb them and control their minds. Freed from their channels, they begin to imagine another possible society, based on values other than profit, money and power.

In short, anything that can lead individuals to think and live by themselves is potentially subversive. The greatest danger for the currently established social order is spirituality because it leads the individual to upset his value system and thus his behavior, to the detriment of values and behaviors previously implanted by social conditioning.

This is why everything that can stimulate spiritual awakening is currently being eliminated. The tool mainly used is materialism as a value system, which leads the individual to self-centredness and to living in a mirage and thus ensures that he or she remains in absolute ignorance.

It is time to change paradigm, to work collectively to change the world, starting (initially) with the massive greening of arid lands and neglected areas and then acting for the food sovereignty and independence of the Mediterranean area, Africa and the Middle East by setting up and promoting a new agricultural model with a 100% societal vocation and a vocation to feed national "markets" only. We must put an end to exports and the associated search for profit maximization, which are at the root of economic and social disruption.

Do you think this is a utopia? We will prove you wrong.

The Papillon Source Mediterranea is a project of multilateral and decentralized cooperation whose purpose is the establishment of a consortium of educational fantasy cities, 100% ecological, agro-climatic and efficient for the gathering of hearts, brains and good will.

Mediterranean Social Diplomacy - Reconfiguring the system of international relations in depth

What if it was time to reconfigure the current system of international relations in depth? States have always adjusted to the effects of economic globalization, which has been costly to them on many levels. Perhaps it is now time for them to adjust to the effects of a new "societal" globalization.

It is time for all the leaders of this world to gradually evolve towards the role of "positive guides" and "guardians of humanist and societal values" as part of a process of founding and perpetuating a new movement of thought that:

  • will initiate a generalized movement of co-creation
  • will inevitably lead to a major societal transformation
  • will gradually lead to the creation of a new global civil society with humanist values.

This will require replacing the current political-economic associations (IMF, World Bank, WTO, European Union, Union for the Mediterranean, etc.) that reduce the freedoms of nations and peoples by new political-social associations that would not be "intergovernmental organizations" but "sovereign inter-population organizations guided by the same societal objective and the same desire for union, peace and global prosperity".

Their objectives would be only

  • the well-being and happiness of populations
  • the social, cultural and intellectual development of all individuals
  • the autonomy and sovereignty of peoples and nations
  • understanding, exchange and cooperation among all populations
  • support for major and minor societal projects carried out by peoples
  • the development of "value" wealth and not economic or financial wealth through participatory processes
  • the promotion of this new model of ethical development

It's time to experiment locally and then show the world the way forward. For this we would need a model of success, an experimental showcase of a better humanity, a space of international influence and a space of positive influence for the rest of the world.

To begin with, the idea would be to make the Mediterranean area the prototype of the world's societal, intellectual and artistic "markets" and to quickly show the way to the African continent, the Middle East and the rest of Europe.

Let us therefore change the world together by beginning to change the Mediterranean space together through the project "The Butterfly Source Mediterranean" - a unique and highly positive initiative that will bring dignity through cohesion, collective reconstruction and the positive evolution of the nations and peoples of the Mediterranean space.

The time has come to progressively gather hearts and minds as well as good wills (throughout the Mediterranean area) around societal and participatory collective engineering projects applied to the environment, education, agriculture, culture, economy, governance, geopolitics, etc.

In this way, we will be able, together, to avoid the current and possible future fragmentation/separation along religious and cultural lines, as well as the ongoing dismantling of this area rich in potential.

This is the major role that "The Papillon Source Mediterranea" offers openly and jointly to the Moroccan nation and the French nation.

Saving the Mediterranean area, the Middle East and Africa - An overview of the future trans-Mediterranean civil society

Tomorrow's world will be built through collaboration and collective construction, not protest - Here is a space-time window that hints at elements of a bright future for the entire Mediterranean area:

  • the creation of a very large number of islands of societal commitment working in symbiosis with the states
  • constructive and positive collaboration between peoples and their leaders in a common societal goal
  • an Africa / Mediterranean / Middle East united in Social and Solidarity
  • a Mediterranean world in which we no longer speak of traditional indicators such as the geo-economic density of a country, a continent or a geographical area, but rather of geo-societal density, geo-intellectual density or geo-creative density
  • a gradual shift from current economic diplomacy to societal diplomacy
  • a new collaborative trans-Mediterranean, trans-African, transcontinental civil society

The future trans-Mediterranean civil society will be a self-organizing activity whose objectives will be linked to progressive human and social values.

There will be the creation of islands of civic engagement working in symbiosis with the state (people and leaders will act and evolve in the same direction).

These perfectly organized islands will be generated by local dynamics of progress. The challenge will be to create a united community (from the North to the South and then from the East to the West of the Mediterranean) based on ethics, i.e. morality, exchange, sharing and respect for nature and for all forms of life in general.

All societies in the world have ample potential to experience something similar. Simply because all cultures have traditions of human dignity, tolerance and the use of reason.

The only way to achieve mass consent is to focus solely on the "local" - through real-time experimentation by all the actors in the territories of the Mediterranean area - and then to share these experiences on a massive scale.

It will be a question of experimenting with the real benefits generated (i.e. obtaining insights, local samples of socio-political-economic and behavioral models that are more humanistic, more sustainable and more respectful, and then experimenting with a spirituality at the heart of the economy and local governance).

Ultimately, this will serve as a transformative teaching powerful and effective enough to empower these movements of positive thinking and co-creation beyond the borders of the countries concerned and the Mediterranean (target: the African continent, the Middle East, the rest of Europe).

Hence, we have a stimulating vision of the union of peoples to come throughout the Mediterranean area, Africa and the Arab-Berber-Kurdish-Persian-Muslim-Christian world of the East.

Societal Economic Interest Groups and Inter-communal Unions

EL4DEV program systematically acts as project owner (designer, promoter and bearer of needs - These needs are the different societal projects designed). It also acts systematically as project manager (conduct and management of these projects).

GIEs and inter-municipal syndicates for the financing of cities labeled "The Papillon Source":

EL4DEV program seeks contributing municipalities whose returns on investment are the co-ownership of eco-tourist and non-tourist agro-climatic complexes (integration into the heritage of the municipalities) and royalties on the turnover of tourism activities.

These contributions are part of the investment expenditure of the municipalities. They can be financed by borrowing.

Operational contracts (management contracts) are drawn up between the French cultural association under the law of 1901 (not-for-profit), which is the carrier and manager of the program, and the numerous communes wishing to become contributors.

Municipalities will then create Inter-communal Syndicates or Economic Interest Groups (G.I.E.) to pool the investment. 1 grouping/union will be created per country.

The greater the number of communes integrating a syndicate/E.I.G., the greater the budget allocated to the complexes in a country.