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Theme parks and agro-climatic complexes
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Characteristics and content of the cities

Tourist agro-climatic complex in Morocco and Multidisciplinary Piloting / Research Center in France

« Le Papillon Source » is the label of a Franco-Moroccan project to design and build an agro-climatic and tourist city in Morocco and a steering and research and development center in France. The tourist city of Morocco is named "Atlas" and covers an area of about 1200 Hectares, including a minimum of more than 400 Hectares of nourishing garden-forests, 120 Hectares of 100% ecological one-story housing, 80 hectares dedicated to children from 0 to 18 years old, and more than 400 hectares of areas for experimental and creative activities and educational leisure, all in a fantasy and plant-like environment.

The Moroccan agro-climatic city "Atlas" is a model of a regenerative and creative city whose vocation is to be a showcase for a better future and to be reproduced in other countries.

1 / Worldwide
The agro-climatic city "Atlas" is a societal commitment for:

  • An agriculture 100% respectful of the environment, of living beings and making good use of the laws of nature.
  • The enhancement of biodiversity by the exclusive use of old seeds and wild strains much richer in essential nutrients and biodynamic potential, much more resistant and adaptable than current hybrid and sterile varieties.
  • The effective fight against desertification, excess carbon in the atmosphere and climate disturbances
  • Combating water scarcity and desertification in arid and semi-arid regions by condensing water in the ambient air.
  • The generalization of the use of super fruits and super vegetables as well as medicinal plants and essential oils.
  • The fight against the disappearance of bees throughout the world by offering them through this sanctuary a place of well-being and regeneration.
  • The creation of ornithological parks rich in biodiversity and protected
  • The generalization of water treatment by phyto-purification
  • The generalization of free energy by experimenting with numerous processes in the city.
  • The generalization of bio-mimicry in energy, architectural and agricultural processes (use of electro-culture, magneto culture, biodynamics, use of sounds, frequencies and beneficial magnetic fields, consideration of the earth's magnetic grid, etc.).
  • The valorization of the role of children in the co-creation of a new society
  • Awareness of everyone's role and potential in preserving the earth and co-creating a better world.

2/ At the local level
The agro-climatic city "Atlas" is a societal commitment for:

  • The fight against social exclusion (fight against unemployment, fight against poverty, gain of dignity for every man and woman).
  • Self-sufficiency and food sovereignty (free distribution of locally produced food to local populations in need, reduction of imports of fruit/vegetables/medicinal plants/honey, learning for all of alternative agricultural production techniques, etc.).
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of degraded local ecosystems.
  • The creation of a local micro-climate allowing the birth and development of a tropical rainforest area in the heart of Morocco.
  • The creation of ornithological parks (gathering places for many species of birds) of large sizes in Morocco.
  • Morocco's international influence, notably through a new societal commitment of the country
  • A strong increase in the tourist attractiveness of Morocco - Orientation towards a tourism 100% respectful of the country and its population.

3/ Services offered by “ATLAS” city

  • Many attractions/activities stimulating creativity, optimism, understanding, letting go, introspection, reflexivity and meditation.
  • Mind and body resourcing activities (sports activities, natural therapies, etc.)
  • Hotels that are 100% ecological and magical, using 100% natural materials (Earth, Stone, Bamboo) that respect the local ecosystem. As wood is not an ecological material (destruction of forests), its use is forbidden in the city.
  • Restoration 100% natural, organic, biodynamic, vegetal, highly nutritious and therapeutic locally produced.
  • Indoor and outdoor aquatic basins (100% ecological/biological pools filtered by phyto-purification)
  • Visits/Attractions playful educational initiation to the efficient techniques of natural agriculture.
  • Fun and educational visits to introduce alternative energy production techniques.
  • Provision of innovative, creative and atypical solutions for individuals, schools, universities, companies and special interest groups (for business meetings, conferences, trade shows, seminars, exhibitions and summits)
  • Organization of annual, seasonal or weekly radiant events (art workshops and symposiums, shows, concerts, congresses, summits, conferences, fairs, exhibitions, etc.).
  • Positive and therapeutic art exhibition museum known as "vibratory art" (a unique place in the world, dedicated to art therapy where positive artists gather to create and exhibit numerous works of vibratory art (paintings, drawings, murals, sculptures, engravings, photos, etc.).
  • Fairytale craftsmanship.
  • Highly immersive attractions under cover (discoveries for adults and children in large biospheres)
  • Some scientific, philosophical and metaphysical attractions (museums of innovative interactive experiments)
  • Alternative cinema (cinema that generates positive thinking for adults and children)
  • Specialized and fantasy libraries and media libraries (for adults and children)
  • « Le Mini Papillon Source », a center for development and awareness raising, daycare, leisure and alternative extracurricular activities for children of all ages (stimulation of the minds and hearts of children, enchantment, fun, generation of positive thinking, participatory and highly creative workshops, implementation of projects, for children who are actors of change).
  • Alternative School / University (learning differently, broadening one's field of knowledge, moving towards pluridisciplinarity, becoming autonomous and actor)
  • Highly immersive and enchanting role-playing games (for adults and children)

4/ Focus on the agro-climatic function of the “ATLAS” city
« ATLAS » city has the aim to be a:

  • Botanical Conservatory,
  • Conservatory orchard,
  • Maraicher conservatory,
  • Conservatory apiary,
  • Conservatory of old and wild seeds,
  • Nature reserve for numerous colonies of migratory and sedentary / exotic and non-exotic birds,
  • Place to preserve life,
  • A place that refocuses, opens the mind, inspires and educates adults and children through experience.
  • Etc.

The city of « ATLAS » is also a:

  • Utopian « végétal » city
  • Collective aspiration, a shared dream of ecological futurism where the human understands its true place and acts accordingly.
  • Garden-city-sanctuary "refuge" from its environment, a moment of silence and a "bubble of well-being" within a corrosive global context of speed, confusion, and pollution.
  • Space-time window leading to a better world "TO BE COMING".
  • Convergence of the dream of harmony, the societal function, the environmental function and the economic function.

Agriculture particularities in “ATLAS” city
The city carries out a non-commercial subsistence agriculture
The food 100% produced on the spot will be consumed by the visitors of the Moroccan tourist city. The surplus production will be distributed free of charge to the fragile populations of the region.
There are polycultures (orchards + market gardeners) as well as beekeeping all organic, biodynamic and used to feed the catering points of the city.
The principle is to produce according to the processes of permaculture, electro culture, magneto culture and biodynamics (taking into account electromagnetic waves, terrestrial telluric forces, the water cycle, eco-systemic services, associations and interconnection of plants, etc. without the use of artificial inputs: pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, synthetic fertilizers).
The city also organizes stimulating, educational and playful attractions (introductory outings) around the numerous forest gardens (for adults and children).
The objective is to raise awareness of the concept of ecosystem and « living system ».

5/ Architecture of the Eco-landscape and “ATLAS” Tourism city
The city is fantastic and strongly inspired by the architecture of cities built by ancient, mysterious and mythological civilizations, but also by contemporary oriental civilizations:

  • Berber architecture (especially from Tunisia: architecture 100% in raw earth (in the form of domes or dug under the ground) also used and reproduced for the fantastic decorations of the planet "TATOOIN" in the saga "STAR WARS").
  • Architecture of the ancient oriental civilizations (especially the Persian and Mesopotamian civilizations)
  • African architecture (especially Sudano-Sahelian and South Moroccan)
  • Ancient Egyptian, Inca, Mayan and Aztec architecture
  • Mythological architecture (type "Atlantis" described by Plato)
  • Contemporary ecological architecture Asian type (using only bamboo)
  • Lunar construction type architecture.

6/ « Le Mini Papillon Source », the children's version of the « Papillon Source »
Le mini Papillon Source is a utopian mini-city that is an integral part of the city "ATLAS" and frequented only by children; it is therefore the miniature version of the city « ATLAS ». It is the city of the children actors of the positive change in which they act like the adults of the city. This center is a place of revelation of the true creative potential of children. It also offers day care, early learning, recreation and activities of a whole new kind for children and adolescents of all ages. The environment of this city is relaxing, creative and highly stimulating on the intellectual, heart and physical vitality levels. The city also offers atypical services such as the alternative school dedicated to children and adolescents co-creators of the future.

7/ Economic model of the Moroccan eco-landscape and tourist city as well as the French cultural center of piloting and engineering.
The Moroccan city "ATLAS" and the cultural center of France both offer stays of rest, well-being, resourcing then educational with « all inclusive ». These stays last a full week (7 days and 6 nights - from Saturday to Saturday). These stays are low-priced (accessible to all: locals as well as foreign tourists). There is only one price (no different ranges or special services).
The French cultural center is the headquarters of the « Le Papillon Source » project and of the whole EL4DEV program.

8/ The activities in the « Pilot Center » in France

  • Headquarters gathering a large part of the international teams of the project “Le Papillon Source”
  • Multidisciplinary Research and Development Center
  • Participatory recording studio (production of programs for a 100% positive and educational TV channel)
  • Collective engineering activities (incubators for innovative and efficient development projects)
  • Organization of events (art workshops and symposia, congresses, summits and conferences, symposia, etc.).

The public of the agro-climatic complex « ATLAS ».

« ATLAS » city offers only one week holidays with "all inclusive" including 7 Days and 6 Nights

Visitors have the possibility to enter the park alone, in groups or with their families.

  • Eco-responsible travelers
  • Travelers in search of optimism, introspection, letting go and creativity
  • Travelers in search of well-being and rejuvenation
  • Intellectually curious travelers in search of knowledge
  • Travelers looking for leisure activities with real added value
  • Travelers in search of exchange, sharing and collaboration
  • Travelers in search of enchantment and enchantment
  • Children/Adolescents of all age
  • Businesses and professionals
  • Schools and Universities
  • Various public figures
  • EL4DEV Students
  • Actors in Project Incubators and Participatory Governance EL4DEV

Nature of tourism :

  • Responsible tourism (ecotourism, fair and solidarity tourism)
  • Philosophical / spiritual tourism
  • Therapeutic tourism, wellness and rejuvenation (naturopathy)
  • Science tourism
  • Business Tourism
  • Event tourism
  • Agricultural tourism
  • Educational tourism

Gathering the inventors of "free energy".

Many inventors in the field of energy, despite all their good will, make the same mistake: that of seeking profit and glory at all costs. Their original motivation of giving the world an inexhaustible source of clean energy almost always turns into greed, as they realize and succeed.

However, we know that many also face fundraising, not out of greed like others, but out of reasonable need. Indeed, it takes time to work on projects and money to develop and even promote them to the level of global dissemination without the risk of being silenced.

This is why, today, more and more people propose to publish the plans of inventions on the Internet for free or at low cost, in order to counter the lobbying of big industrialists. Today, many engineers are beginning to seriously study this question. In the same dynamic, many are massively diffusing their inventions on online video platforms in the hope of convincing a maximum number of people and attracting investors who would feel a certain potential.

It is true that what we need is to share how inventions work so that everyone can understand their mechanisms and truly believe in those who invent them.

However, the best way remains the sharing of knowledge through exhibitions, experiments during non-virtual meetings in collaborative and creative spaces. It would then be difficult for everyone to doubt the relevance of the inventions (very easy when watching a video on Youtube). Thus, people would enter into a dynamic of open-mindedness and collective engineering and would have the possibility to extend the experience by reproducing these inventions on their own. The only way to believe in an experiment is to carry it out yourself.

In short, they need to free themselves from money and move towards free licensing. The secrets that many keep contribute to the loss of all. Only an awareness can give humanity the means to move.

Thus, inventors should change their perspectives and share their discoveries in real gatherings instead of trying to make money with their inventions or convince the public while they are isolated. This is the very principle of "free energy".

As long as people make the mistake of trying to make money and shine with their inventions, the whole world will remain condemned.

The pretext of finding investors to produce on a large scale is not valid. The best way to spread an invention is to offer it to the world and allow everyone to understand and build it. If not, there will always be more powerful people who will buy the silences.

Everyone would like to be autonomous and many technologies already exist but have always been paralyzed by energy lobbies.

What could be better than exposing and offering the world its inventions to get rid of them? There are tens or even hundreds of thousands around the world who want to make Nicolas Tesla's dream come true. This is why, if some think they have discovered part of the recipe, they need to get together, to unite with others like them. They need to make them experiment with it and circulate it.

The time has passed for neither materialism nor individualism, and even less for pessimism. It is time to make a common destiny and to work for something much greater than our own people.

The unconditional search for the common good, the limitless sharing of knowledge and resources and then collective intelligence are effective remedies for the ills of our society.

Agro-climatic complex "ATLAS" in Morocco – trip’s Storyboard

The city is a center of study, rest, regeneration, an essential passage before a return to daily life. It is a meeting place where individuals become aware that they have moved on to a different way of life. It is a stage for everyone, a transitory center for experimentation, acquisition and sharing of knowledge.

It is a great activity perfectly organized. There are several levels in this place.

The space in which all those who enter the city evolve has the physiognomy of a big city, with its neighborhoods and gardens. It has the aspect of a world in miniature. Large structures welcome them. The city has spaces for relaxation, places for work, discovery rooms, regeneration rooms, etc. The rooms are extraordinary in light and architecture.

Inside this city, a life is taking place. Many people will cross paths: those who finish their stay, the new awake visitors, those who continue on their way. The landscapes are brightly colored, the scents of plants rise and envelop those who seek them.

In its center, everyone meets for exchanges and discussions on multiple subjects. Theoretical teachings are given and numerous experiments are carried out in large immersive rooms.

There are all kinds of rooms/space in the form of circular domes of different sizes. All the rooms are connected by walkways / tunnels. Each of the rooms has a different vibration, a different role. The light bathes all the rooms with softness and peace. All the rooms have different entrance and exit doors, with airlocks.

Visitors/students choose their disciplines. All meetings are free. The attractions/disciplines chosen are related to the future acquisitions they wish to obtain.

However, some individuals may choose to isolate themselves and do some form of relaxation or even meditation. The light and vegetation as well as the fairy-tale environment form a cocoon of peace around them, in order to preserve their desire for calm.

There are spaces for rest or first awareness, care, reunion, etc... It is a very large energetic space.

No one is obliged to follow a time or a space, everyone evolves at his own pace, that is to say, at his own desire. Everyone, at his own pace, makes his own analyses. There is no bias. There is only the search for information, the search for understanding, the direction to follow, the goal to reach.

All this magical space is part of a perfectly ordered arrangement. The ordering is not due to chance.

Knowledge is the basis of wisdom and this knowledge cannot be acquired all at once. That is why visitors stay here for a week.

The B.A. BA is the act of inculcating, of impregnating one's mind with the intangibility of life which is only ephemeral, of avoiding sinking into the matter/the superficial, of avoiding rejecting all that the mind has of real, of recognizing the scope of its acts, its words, its thoughts.

Experiences in the city are an apprenticeship of our feelings, of our will, of our opening.

Visitors are always so busy but they never stressed or worried.

They will have to stay several times to deepen their knowledge.