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Societal Transformation Process and Change Management
Working to change the world making lofty use of cybernetics (as conceived by Plato) and consolidation of talent and good will to international level - Initiating, stimulating and maintaining an international widespread movement of ethics, co-engineering, co-construction, sharing of knowledge and skills to enable progress - Ingeniously teaching interdependence and raising the level of consciousness by real time experiments in order to get people (thanks to information technology) to become agents of positive change and reverse this general trend towards individualism, materialism and pessimism - Conceptualizing unconventional solutions to rewrite the existing socio-economic and behavioural models then meet the various local issues - Acting singularly locally and ingeniously combining added-values at the global level to build the future global civil society – An alter-globalization program under development – A process that requires the involvement of people whose aspirations are similar.
EL4DEV - Human dignity at the center of a new education system using information technology and based on experience 7 Questions and Answers to understand the concept EL4DEV, an experimental academy open to all in the footsteps of Plato EL4DEV an atypical startup to create the collective in society Drive people to become actors for positive change Analysis of real-time experience as the operating concept of new education Development projects - Educating differently to reverse the global trend An ethical approach to Big Data for a holistic education and a positive role within the society (objectivity, efficiency, and humanisation) Unifying the economy, management of world affairs and secular spirituality EL4DEV dynamics of progress - The cybernetic enforcement mechanism for a balanced global civil society EL4DEV - Raising the level of global awareness thanks to a new intelligence - The intelligence of the heart The second movement of "Renaissance" initiated by the EL4DEV education process EL4DEV requires thought and subtlety of mind - Why? El4Dev LLC - A Delaware not-for-profit holding company that differs from the rest EL4DEV – The new responsibility of France The unexpected upcoming rise of the European Union EL4DEV Strategic Deployment Tool Isolated French researchers - The key of EL4DEV program's positive evolution The origins of the program Philosophy EL4DEV program's vision and ideals Particularities Union of European innovative social enterprises Revisited science, vision of utopia, principle of reflexivity and rebuilt of digital humanities EL4DEV - born to be big and driven to make the real difference The EL4DEV group will be operating from Exeter, United Kingdom Le Papillon Source Glossary Theories - Positive interdependence Theories - Transformative learning Theories - Learning through experience-based projects Theories - Conductive education Theories - The principle of dignity Value representation of the EL4DEV Program Funding EL4DEV is hiring projects co ambassadors Program projections for 7 years of operation EL4DEV Seed stage's fundraising Crowd funding EL4DEV members Contact
EL4DEV provides the concrete application solution to the real challenge of our humanity (how to switch from the many small local beneficial actions to a massive and ordered reorientation - especially as the real added value and the evolution of this reorientation must be measurable by the entire world population). The program has a purely positive character and is not protesting kind. EL4DEV is a powerful and very realistic systemic tool for a real project of society. It promotes a spirit of change and begins a reorganization of principles, institutions and mechanisms. This is to put all the world at work in the collective search for innovative solutions.

EL4DEV group is a consortium without legal identity. It forms an atypical startup that allows individuals of all ages to experiment with different moral values in order to create, expand or consolidate the collective in society. It is a learning framework that considerably increases awareness of the interdependence and the importance of "living together". Pedagogy simultaneously adopts various ingenious learning styles (atypical and transformative software, revolutionary and sustainable added value development projects, intelligent and stimulating entertainment and an outsized theme park.

This initiative of the not-for-profit company El4Dev LLC is a mix between science (specifically Humanities and Social Sciences), engineering and utopia (concept related to moral philosophy, humanism and ethics) in order to achieve an ambitious and lofty objective measurable by technology. Science is the foundation, the strength of the program. Utopia is its engine, its purpose, its main reason. Engineering is its logic, its process. Technology (especially digital humanities) is the way to measure the effectiveness and sustainability.

EL4DEV is defined as a new kind of international social enterprise doing large scale multidisciplinary engineering and cross functional management, then based on a broad and scalable business model to operate effectively.

EL4DEV conceptualizes efficient processes, unconventional solutions and useful synergies to both micro and macro levels, in any field needing a global consciousness progress (economic, financial, social, political, diplomatic and behavioural).

EL4DEV software will all be available online. Those are educational, scientific, simulation, management, evaluation, communication and entertainment tools. Just like the Strategic Deployment Tool, they are massively multi-user, collaborative and interconnected. They work together as a broad catalyst, a useful data modeling and predictive analytics ethical system, a "Big Smart Data" (useful massive data processing) from the collective experience.

EL4DEV program is private, transparent, non-politicized and independent. It is run by a combination of young British, French and U.S. companies. This grouping is born to make the real difference and forms a new kind of hybrid technology and consulting legal entity (for profit to raise funds, but to the majority shareholder, the goal is 100% non-profit).
EL4DEV process is massive. It generates knowledge by getting people to experiment with different ways. Its responsibility is to work to bring about transformation at the individual and societal level that will enable us to take ownership of our roles as moral agents giving to each his true dignity by becoming an player for positive change. Individuals are not educated with concepts and abstract knowledge. Learning mode is focused on reality; so the pedagogy is designed around real situations, not subjects / themes. EL4DEV is a resourceful and adaptable framework for self-learning which knowledge is provided by the experience of each of us. This education has pretensions to an intelligent and ethical management of world affairs and relations between individuals. So, EL4DEV education is essentially a process of sharing experience.

The EL4DEV consortium will operate in part from its upcoming Creative and Sustainable Cities (Le Papillon Source), global showcases of the philosophy, vision and ideals of the EL4DEV program that aim at offering the vision and the taste of a better future through a series of unconventional amusement facilities, special infrastructure and highly creative and stimulating environment.« Le Papillon Source » parks have no prototype and cannot be compared to the existing theme parks since they are all dedicated to ethical awakening and alternative education through experimentation and wonder.
EL4DEV is an intellectual and philosophical approach that aims to disrupt the traditional way we used to see corporate, organizations, individuals and public figures' Social Responsibility taking into account all the particularities at the micro and macro levels.

The EL4DEV concept is designed to initiate, stimulate and maintain an international dynamics of ethics, co-engineering, co-building and sharing of knowledge and skills and thus progress. This dynamics is viral and is composed of several local and unique dynamics through the design and implementation of projects, all in synergy with local and international partners. These philanthropic projects aim to educate ingeniously through experimentations made ​​by stakeholders and are in complete symbiosis with several innovative web-based software. Thus, the personal experience of each one leads to approach the others.

EL4DEV aims to increase the level of consciousness of people by showing that poor self-knowledge has an impact on the knowledge of the world and vice versa since we are part of the world (principle of interdependence). Consciousness is a kind of awakening to ourselves that returns to the problematic existence of the external world and our ability to know it. It is the source and origin of science, philosophy and thus humanism. It is heard in the individual and is the same in all people despite the diversity and variability of manners and knowledge. It is universal. Only it can tell us our duty. Evolution of consciousness can be called spiritual growth.

In sum, EL4DEV is a smart implementation mechanism for a highly participatory conceptualisation of ethical international regulations (rules of exchange and global business management) which will be based on a new kind of social contract with its value system. This social contract, that will be the foundation of the future global civil society (as conceived by Plato), will be based on a certain conception of the notions of values and reason that will be printed so massively granted in human consciences. This concept will be made only through a continually increasing civic involvement of all stakeholders within each territory around the world and would engage them.
Message from the Founder and Director
It seems that civil society still lacks broad political and citizen support or sufficient means to build global governance for a more just, responsible and united world. It has therefore not been able so far to develop and disclose full plans for the whole of society worldwide.

The incompleteness and lack of efficiency of international institutions leads to urgently find answers in the form of collective action by the entire international community. Yet exercises writing proposals for global governance are common but many involve the creation of some new institutions. Historically, these public institutions have acted without actual interpenetration, isolated from each other, that is to say without the use of force in any collective intelligence. It also seems that current regulations are not up to the interdependencies.

The sustainable world we all seek is the result of an ongoing process of rewriting existing models. This is everyone's responsibility worldwide. Everyone needs to feel part of a common destiny. Today, the goal of our society is to collectively shape the destiny of the world by establishing a system for regulating the numerous interactions that far exceed states action.

So it becomes very necessary to set up a powerful system of solidarity and distribution globally.
We have to rethink reform and plant the seeds of a radical shift in consciousness that will move towards a situation where all individuals have a primary role. To do this, it is necessary to teach first. Experimentation, through an innovative process, is the key.

It is in this sense that the EL4DEV program comes in - an atypical and cooperative worldwide education system and a self-organization of global civil society through networking thanks to new technologies. EL4DEV is a modular and highly scalable adaptable self-correcting effective framework to lead the world out of its marginality strengthening synergies between stakeholders of all kinds, which must serve a more fair order.

EL4DEV is going to embody the collective destiny of the people and become the main level of building social cohesion, redistribution and solidarity. The goal is to create a new philosophical tradition and to shape and strengthen the progressive construction of an ethical community. EL4DEV bring the emergence of a new global civic consciousness: the one of responsibility, sharing and compulsion born of a common destiny.

This tradition will be institutionalized at the heart of a new movement of "Renaissance" exporting far beyond the borders of Europe and North America. It is characterized by a collective shift towards an ethical life model. Humanists of this new "Renaissance" put their moral imperatives before all of their political, economic, social, cultural and religious considerations. The change made is progressive and requires everyone's participation by a group of good will internationally.

These experimental activities with the laws and customs, with the economic and monetary systems, with governance systems and interpretations adapt to different socioeconomic environments and are made within civil society. Some are contemplative, others are practical. Thus, the personal experience of each one leads to approach others.

EL4DEV program Founder, Director and Chief Engineer
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EL4DEV is an ethical, innovative and evolving program and a sum of science, technology, art and philosophy. It is an unusual human experience conceived as a large collective enterprise: the massive quest of subtlety of mind and intelligence of the heart.

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No speech can give certainty, everything should be based on experience. Experimentation is the only source of certainty. It eliminates the four general causes of human error: the fact to hide his own ignorance, examples of weak and unworthy authority, the weight of bad habits, and finally, vulgar prejudices - Francis BACON.
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