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    Image de Elvère DELSART Elvère DELSART

    EL4DEV program Founder,
    Director and Chief Engineer

    Message from the Founder and Director

    The incompleteness and lack of efficiency of international institutions leads to urgently find answers in the form of collective action by the entire international community. Yet exercises writing proposals for global governance are common but many involve the creation of some new institutions. Historically, these public institutions have acted without actual interpenetration, isolated from each other, that is to say without the use of force in any collective intelligence. It also seems that current regulations are not up to the interdependencies.

    The sustainable world we all seek is the result of an ongoing process of rewriting existing models. This is everyone's responsibility worldwide. Everyone needs to feel part of a common destiny. Today, the goal of our society is to collectively shape the destiny of the world by establishing a system for regulating the numerous interactions that far exceed states action.

    So it becomes very necessary to set up a powerful system of solidarity and distribution globally.

    We have to rethink reform and plant the seeds of a radical shift in consciousness that will move towards a situation where all individuals have a primary role. To do this, it is necessary to teach first. Experimentation, through an innovative process, is the key.

    It is in this sense that the EL4DEV program comes in - an atypical and cooperative worldwide education system and a self-organization of global civil society through networking thanks to new technologies. EL4DEV is a modular and highly scalable adaptable self-correcting effective framework to lead the world out of its marginality strengthening synergies between stakeholders of all kinds, which must serve a more fair order.

    EL4DEV is going to embody the collective destiny of the people and become the main level of building social cohesion, redistribution and solidarity. The goal is to create a new philosophical tradition and to shape and strengthen the progressive construction of an ethical community. EL4DEV bring the emergence of a new global civic consciousness: the one of responsibility, sharing and compulsion born of a common destiny.

    This tradition will be institutionalized at the heart of a new movement of "Renaissance" exporting far beyond the borders of Europe and North America. It is characterized by a collective shift towards an ethical life model. Humanists of this new "Renaissance" put their moral imperatives before all of their political, economic, social, cultural and religious considerations. The change made is progressive and requires everyone's participation by a group of good will internationally.

    These experimental activities with the laws and customs, with the economic and monetary systems, with governance systems and interpretations adapt to different socioeconomic environments and are made within civil society. Some are contemplative, others are practical. Thus, the personal experience of each one leads to approach others.

    Elvère DELSART
    EL4DEV program Founder, Director and Chief Engineer

    Infographics - Understanding the EL4DEV Change Process


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