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Sustainable and Independent
Theme parks and agro-climatic complexes
on the theme of the ideal city
and the golden age.

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          Le Papillon Source – Transcontinental, Decentralized, and Multilateral Project of shining CITIES.

          Places dedicated to multidisciplinary research on themes related to the development of humanity, ethics, philosophy, science, energy, sustainable management of the earth, systemic, civil society, etc... They will concentrate an important number of researchers, inventors and visionaries currently isolated, without resources and with great potential, who are guided solely by the real good of humanity.

          Places dedicated to educational tourism (they will create quality entertainment with high added value, learning and creative experience for customers of all ages: families, individuals, companies, professionals, schools, universities, public figures).

          Places dedicated to responsible tourism: ecotourism, fair tourism and solidarity tourism.

          Places dedicated to science tourism

          Places dedicated to agricultural tourism

          Places dedicated to event tourism

          Places dedicated to business tourism (for meetings, conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions and summits where subtlety of mind and intelligence of the heart are mixed)

          Places dedicated to philosophical and spiritual tourism

          Places dedicated to therapeutic and wellness tourism (naturopathy: biodynamic therapy, litho therapy, phytotherapy, therapy by exposure to magnetic fields, therapy by exposure to high frequencies, etc.).

          Places dedicated to the exchange and implementation, in a participative manner, of development projects and agreements on how to ethically and sustainably administer world affairs.

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          « Le Papillon Source » - Experience a better world

          The true progress of humanity can only come through knowledge and its massive and unconditional sharing. However, the true knowledge to be acquired inexorably passes inexorably through experimentation because no discourse can give certainty. Experimentation is the only source of certainty.

          Our real challenge that of humanity as a whole, is to realize that we need an unconditional quest for this knowledge in order to evolve as it really should. It is a question of evolving in the domain of the mind and the heart and not in that of material comfort.

          Humanity will first have to reconsider all that it thinks it knows, all that it believes it has acquired. Then, it will be necessary for him to explore the field of the possible in a continuous search for truth, harmony and peace. He will have to go beyond his beliefs. Finally, she will have to experiment and learn from all her experiences.

          Each one will have to unconditionally and easily draw from this vast collective experimentation (the vast field of humanity's real knowledge) and be enriched by the contribution of others, of all the others.

          This is the program of the new school of the 21st century, a school open to all. It is a school whose only source of knowledge is individual and collective experimentation.

          Welcome to the vast EL4DEV application mechanism and its showcases, the experimental, creative and shining cities « Le Papillon Source ».
          Welcome to this powerful generator of consciousness, love and beauty to begin the foundation of a new humanity based on ethics, responsibility and collective action. It is high time for us to come together and act together. Welcome to all actors of positive change.

          This project is an initiative of the EL4DEV program, which aims to welcome all those who really want to advance our society.

          Places dedicated to the experience and promotion of new models

          These will be places dedicated to:

          • the experience of sharing knowledge
          • the experience of sharing resources
          • the experience of creativity
          • the experience of interdependence
          • the experience of autonomy
          • the experience of collective intelligence
          • the experience of letting go

          These cities will be the seat of a new "Renewal" movement. They will open the door to a new era. This era is one of major projects and large companies led by an international population of actors of positive change. Thereafter, they will open the way to a significant progression of models: new priorities, new behaviors, new scientific methods, new techniques allowing all individuals to innovate, new political, economic and social philosophies, etc...

          Cities will integrate two GOLD rules in order to work to change the world:

          1- Surrender to collaboration

          The highly sustainable, creative and enchanting environment will aim to facilitate the generation of new ideas at intersections, breaking down barriers, crossing specialist boundaries, mixing skills. The cities will be those of collaboration: pooling means, goods, talents and good will. After competition and opposition, they will lead to relearning how to make a common destiny. They will allow to experiment collaboration on common projects and spaces. These actions will make it possible to become aware of the wisdom of the group and its intelligence.

          2- Self experience

          Cities will provide opportunities to do, rather than give lessons. Change will come naturally in actions and opportunities to contribute. Through each initiative, in successive experiments, gestures and projects will liberate from pessimism, materialism, individualism and conservatism. Individuals will invent as they move forward. It will be necessary to review everything, to relearn everything, to open one's heart and mind. It is in personal experimentation that they will understand, that they will learn, as close to reality as possible

          The particularities of the cities

          They will be:

          • Altermondialists / Utopians (they will propose a world with a better functioning)
          • Experimental (they will be initiators and showcases of innovative processes)
          • Purely educational (people experiment instead of listening to speeches)
          • On the topic of the ideal city and the golden age such as spread by the great utopian philosophers authors (« La cité-état » et « l’Atlantide » of Platon, « Utopia » of Thomas More, « La Cité du soleil» of Tommaso Campanella, « La nouvelle Atlantide » of Francis Bacon, but also the city of «Camelot», governed and controlled by the King Arthur, les cités d’or incas, etc.)

          They will address several previously unpublished sub-themes:

          • they connection with the nature,
          • the interdependence between men,
          • the interdependence between humans and nature,
          • self-sufficiency and food sovereignty,
          • autonomy and energy sovereignty,
          • the self-sufficiency and sovereignty of nations,
          • free access to knowledge,
          • knowledge sharing,
          • sharing of resources,
          • the fusion between science and spirituality (metaphysics, quantum physics, waves, energy, etc.),
          • the knowledge of ancient civilizations,
          • collective intelligence and action (fusion of skills, talents and good will),
          • the social responsibility of individuals and organizations,
          • good governance and cooperation head of state-people,
          • the concept of "societal" diplomacy and the concept of "political-societal" union
          • the education through experience
          • etc.

          They will be amusement parks without equivalence entirely built on the proportions of the golden section (or golden section or golden section or golden section). They will all be self-managed, powered by free energies and will be built with noble materials in total respect of nature.

          The cities will have for object to experiment the field of the possible and to cross the barriers of the impossible. They will aim to offer a vision and a taste of a better future through a series of entertainment facilities, special infrastructures and a highly creative and stimulating environment. It is about changing our mistaken and reductive vision of utopia.

          Other particularities

          • They will mix pedagogy, social responsibility and commitment, philosophy, science and technology, well-being, health, enchantment and fun.
          • They will be highly innovative and will stand out from all others in the world (without any possible competition).
          • They will target a very large audience.
          • They will therefore assert themselves as tourist destinations with an international dimension (visitors coming from: Europe, America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania).
          • They will represent a real hope for the peoples of the world.
          • These parks will be located in the categories of Educational and Cultural, Nature, Sports and Sensation, Tales and Legends.

          Filling up with what humanity needs

          Cities will be islands of well-being and introspection in different parts of the world; places to "fill up" with what humanity needs, and come back to spread it. They will be centers where people can build a new future for the world. It's about creating a new kind of school, a new kind of place of healing. They will be places to preserve and develop "the heart", "life" and "knowledge". The cities will help to develop a new language, a language of the heart, a kind of language among people that will be a kind of new poetry. To create this language, we will have to learn to look through the mirror, through a new perception, where everyone will have this feeling of being connected with something else. And suddenly everyone will understand...

          Transmitting and empowering through experimentation

          These will be educational tourist cities that will aim to teach ethics (peaceful exchanges and understanding, autonomy, self-empowerment, a more balanced relationship with the environment, respect for human rights and equality) to visitors in order to create, increase or consolidate the collective in society. They will put people in a position to experiment continuously, otherwise the transmission will be absolutely empty of content and without sustainability. Visitors will acquire knowledge from their own experimentation. They will acquire them by themselves.

          In this way, the knowledge acquired from the experiments will lead everyone to question the attitudes of our time, to deeply revise our behavioral models and, finally, to act for progress, be it local or global.

          Brainstorming and reflexivity

          Cities will generate wisdom as they will lead to reflection, reasoning, creativity and reflexivity in order to lead each visitor to become autonomous and responsible. They will help visitors to improve their behaviour, that is to say, to improve their roles in their own lives and also in the lives of others. For all these reasons, they will promote the development of the mind and heart of the individual.

          Beauty and charm

          They will be warm and comforting cities, which will have the power to transport people to the enchantment of an eternal world. It will be an invitation to travel inside us, through the magic of imagination. They will lead us to let ourselves be lulled by its colors coming from the marvelous; a source of peace.

          They will draw from each one of us a creative energy to transmit it in the form of a message of love and hope. An ultimate goal: to make us vibrate with inspirations such as visions of a dream.

          Each one of us will have to take a place in his heart, because in front of all this beauty, he will be able to collect his share of light...

          Thus, the experiences lived in the parks will have a certain power of transformation on the visitors. They will make them want to participate, to change things together, by small touches, by taking part in building a better world together. The parks will offer an innovative, optimistic and responsible vision of tomorrow's world, one that is adapted to global challenges. Cities will bring a new humanist philosophy for a more balanced and equitable world.

          They will be centers of experimentation and global showcases for the philosophy of the EL4DEV program. They will be global showcases of what could be in the world.