EL4DEV – The new responsibility of France

EL4DEV wants to share with all its French language friends their heritage and the opportunity they got to provide an example to the world and serve as catalysts promoting the progress of individuals.

French people have a wonderful range of expressions, skills, aspects and attributes.

EL4DEV wishes to guide them assume again their roles as grand architects, so they can live a harmony, as artisans and so they can express their creativity in various ways.

Historically, France has participated in the creation of many wonders, and also introduced the softness and subtlety of mind still internationally recognized today.

In this era of dazzling changes, it is important to express the choice to live his French lineage. It is time for French to gather so as to find the values that they had bring to the world.

France has since been reduced under the influence of the ego seeking confirmation and esteem from the outside. Many things now sully the French soil; amounts of hatred and fear surged.

Here the EL4DEV program now offers French the opportunity to cure their past for their predecessors and their motherland.

France must carry with it the potential to bring unity rather than division and the ability to perceive all individuals of the world as wonderful key elements.

France has to become the people of brilliant architects it was in the past. From it, and by now, must emanate softness and subtlety of mind to positively influence our world.

EL4DEV claims that France must become under the influence of mind and no longer fall under the influence of the ego to finally break intolerance and non challenging behavior.

By mean of its intellectual attributes and subtlety, France will achieve international community peace and all what we all are looking for so hard.

Thus, France must drop its ego otherwise it will just lead it to a downward spiral towards illusion, fear, scarcity and suffering.

France must appreciate its uniqueness, but also rejoice in Oneness, in this journey to consciousness.

France must share the wisdom it has gained through history, but must also accommodate the wisdom that others have to offer.

EL4DEV program Founder, Director and Chief Engineer