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The second movement of "Renaissance" initiated by the EL4DEV education process

The first movement of "Renaissance"

The "Renaissance" is a cultural movement that enrolled in the period of the modern era and was as original Italian "Renaissance."

The Renaissance was born in Florence thanks to the artists who could speak freely their art: a "pre-Renaissance" is produced in several cities in Italy in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. In the fifteenth century it spread in most of Italy, Spain, in some enclaves in northern Europe and Germany, in the form of what is called "Early Renaissance" and won the whole of Europe in the sixteenth century.

The "Renaissance" was characterized in particular by:

The emergence of new modes of dissemination,

Scientific reading of basic texts,

Surrender to the honor of the ancient culture (literature, arts, techniques),

The revival of Trade,

Changes in representation of the world.

The first "Renaissance" has allowed the emergence of a European identity.

The scholars of the Middle Ages were aware that they were living on a continent called Europe by geographers, to distinguish it from Asia and Africa. However, the great mass of the people of Europe had never heard the term: they read with difficulty. Europeans were not fully aware of their cultural identity.

The awareness of this identity appeared with the "Renaissance." According to the English historian John Hale, it was at this time that the word "Europe" came into common parlance and was provided with a framework and a set of images claiming its visual and cultural identity.

The first "Renaissance" was the time of recovery for Europe

The "Renaissance", beyond the flowering of arts and culture that earned him his name is a crucial period for Europe, which, with the Great Discoveries, will set out to conquer the world.

The time of the "Renaissance" is that of a general recovery, being as well demographic as economic. Thus, in what follows the end of the Hundred Years War, France, which had only ten million people, doubles its population, and finds the level it had before the crisis. English, who are two million around 1485, reach the three million in 1550.

The second movement of "Renaissance", initiated by EL4DEV

The new movement of "Renaissance" will take shape at the beginning of the year 2015 and will be of French origin for the subtlety of mind, a characteristic of French people, but also British for the dynamism of the country.
Expansion far exceeds that of the previous one which was only European and set two centuries to spread.

This movement will bring light to the creative mind in all of us and will be boosted by a new form of education centered on the potential of the individual and his awareness of his key role in his changing environment.

This innovative educational framework is the process developed and used by the EL4DEV program.

The new "Renaissance" will call into question the mentality of our time as well as those of past times and look for a new form of life and civilization, more humane, which meet our real needs and not the superficial one.

The very unusual and powerful EL4DEV education process, based on experimentation, will raise the consciousness of each individual taking into account all his cultural features as well as his own identity and will greatly enhance his potential.

Self-esteem and compassion are the keys to the individual for the elevation of consciousness leading to this movement.

Possibilities of rapid diffusion allowed by information technology profoundly stimulate international development of this new "Humanism".

This new "Humanism" is the movement of thought in the center of this new "Renaissance".
This new kind of "Humanism" leads to the generalized movement of co-creation.

This new "Renaissance" is defined primarily as a renewal period of the art of philosophy as a science. It heavily promotes humanistic themes (increasing tolerance, freedom of thought, lasting peace, revisited education for the acquisition of wisdom and the development of individuals.

The renewal of philosophical reflection provides individuals with new ideas. Thought gradually releases from the cultural, social and religious constraints and turns to happiness aspirations, peace and progress. People are now interested in all fields of knowledge.

These renewed ideas are spreading massively. This is an age of large projects and enterprises conducted by an international population of players for positive change. Thereafter, it opens the way for significant progress of models: new behaviours, new considerations, new political, social, and scientific contexts as well new techniques allowing all individuals to innovate. The progressive and massive advancement of sciences benefits people through development of these obsolete models.

EL4DEV program Founder, Director and Chief Engineer