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El4Dev LLC - A Delaware not-for-profit holding company that differs from the rest

A – EL4DEV - A lofty approach achievable through systems engineering

The EL4DEV program can be defined as a massively participatory company born of a common and strongly growing willingness to plant the seeds of change to move towards a society with humanistic foundations and a sustainable future.

Most people think positively change the world (i.e. improve it) is a utopia whose engines are arrogance and gullibility. Yet it is clear that every individual on earth openly or secretly wishes that humanity faces one day this challenge.

Our societies are in fact social constructions. This means that social reality and social phenomena are constructed, that is to say created, objectified or institutionalized and, subsequently, turned into traditions. Their existence is hanging by a tacit agreement between people. Any redefinition or improvement of an existing social construction (regardless of deep mental roots) is feasible provided that appropriate processes are designed, tested on a small scale, put into large-scale application and continuously evaluated and kept in their performances. The goal is the self-regulation of a global complex system.

By self-regulation, we understand that there necessarily are mechanisms of self-organization and self-correction as well as a perfect balance. We are talking about economic, social and behavioural mechanisms. Systemics (born from cybernetics) is used as a key to read our world which is neither a simple, nor a complicated system but a complex system, with its laws of operation. Systemic is also used by the EL4DEV program to gradually rebalance this global system. Complexity is not complication. Complexity is the basis of all that exists.

So, a mass change can be easily done through a series of ordered and interdependent processes with unique purposes whose respective effects are highly channelized, optimized and combined to form a high performance modular system (global system whose equilibrium is based on feedback i.e. return of information on the status). The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Change is not a series of random events. Change is easily achievable through systems engineering applied to social and economic sciences.

EL4DEV approach is supervised by the company El4dev LLC, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware in the United States. El4dev LLC is the main shareholder of the program. This is the principal shareholder of each of the 23 British companies that carry the program.

B - El4dev LLC shareholding

El4dev LLC could easily be qualified as offshore company by government agencies. However, the company does not intend to have customers. Thus it does not charge anyone or any legal entity and the concept of tax evasion can not apply to it.

Mr. Elvère DELSART comes from the French aviation industry and is of French nationality. He now works full time in the design and management of EL4DEV program. However, he does not only lead this program. He also is the founder.

By being the sole shareholder of El4dev LLC, he indirectly is the majority shareholder in all 23 British companies that carry this out of the ordinary initiative.

C - El4dev LLC does not make any financial profit

The company El4dev LLC has for single function to be a holding company (that is to say, a company that only holds shares in other companies and intellectual property). It automatically feeds back all its dividends in the EL4DEV program (specifically in British companies that carry this program).

Similarly, it will never sell the EL4DEV program to any existing economic or public stakeholder nor will one day go on the stock exchange.

The entrance in the share capital of the 23 British companies that collectively carry the program is only made by transfers of existing shares (not by the creations of new ones). The funds acquired through the transfers of these shares to minority shareholders become the sole property of the company El4dev LLC. These are then automatically injected into the development of the program.

In other words, the company El4dev LLC will never make any profit from the entire program. Besides, it has no bank account, either in the US, the U.K., France or elsewhere. It never realizes any financial transaction.

Thus, as the sole shareholder of this company, Mr. Elvère DELSART will also not receive dividends. His only financial incomes will be wages that he will perceive as part of his function as managing director of the U.K. companies members of the program. His approach is very different from looking for any financial profit.

All minority shareholders also have the choice to perceive or not their parts of dividends to be distributed. This is why EL4DEV is an innovative social enterprise.

D - El4dev LLC will keep control of the program

El4dev LLC will always remain the majority shareholder of the program since it will never go below the 80% threshold of shares held in the capital of each British company of the EL4DEV group. This allows with certainty to stay in the conductive line established and achieve the objective of the program.

It is possible now that you participate in this initiative out of the ordinary. Support research and development of the EL4DEV program and get your contributor’s customized space within our Strategic Deployment Tool.